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These posts are mostly summaries of stuff that I have fiddled with in my spare time. Maybe someone else will find them useful too.

Ear training - intervals

Nov 12 2016

Self adhesive patches for bicycle inner tubes

Feb 11 2016

Installing Debian packages on a machine without Internet access

Jun 13 2013

Modifying setup files with sed

Apr 06 2013

Gives an example of how sed can be used to find and modify a single entry in a setup file.

Better Python code

Mar 01 2013

How to setup a nice development environment in Vim for Python.

Drysuit care

Feb 20 2013

Caring for you drysuit will make it last longer.

SVG code generator for ring sections

Feb 02 2013

List comprehension

Feb 02 2013

Python meetup Denmark summary

Dec 06 2012

Mounting a propeller

Nov 24 2012

Disassembling a Biltema pump

Nov 19 2012

Our 1st Python Meetup in Denmark

Oct 01 2012

Visualizing the Faroese population

Sep 22 2012

Building a DC motor control on a strip board

Sep 16 2012

Perfect holes

Sep 10 2012

How to drill centered holes down the middle of a rod without a lathe.

A simple focus rail

Jun 11 2012