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Drysuit care

Written: 20130220

Caring for you drysuit is important, if you want it to last. The zipper requires and latex seals require some extra attention.

After some time the zip on my kayaking drysuit becomes I got some silicone grease with my suit. The grease was called Tizip. However the other day I was in the plumbers department at my local hardware store I saw that they had some silicone grease, which was very similar in texture. It was approved for use in drinking water plumbing, so I think it is quite safe from a health perspective. I tried it on my suit, and it seems to work just as fine as the Tizip. If you are going to try this, be aware that if you use a petroleum based grease, you might destroy you zip. So find some that is pure silicone.

Below is a photo of the grease tubes:

One drawback of using silicone grease is that sand and other particles stick to it. So your zipper will get quite dirty if you don't clean it regularly. I often have a woolen sweater underneath in the winter, and quite some hairs from it stick to the grease.

Other options are silicone spray and some kind of wax stick.

The silicone spray that I've tried has some poisonous sign on the can, so I don't really like spraying the drysuit with it. I wear the suit for long durations, so I feel a little uneasy with this method.

The wax stick seems a little better option than grease when it comes to keeping the zipper clean, but it doesn't seem to be as smooth as using the grease.

Try also to avoid bending the zips. Especially when storing it or packing in a bag. The teeth might become damaged.

When entering and leaving the suit, I find it good to use talcum powder. It makes it easier, and better for the latex seals. Be aware of sharp objects, and also your nails. Some suits have really thin seals, which is nice, but also makes them prone to break.

Always rinse the suit just after use - especially if you are using it in salt water. Store the suit away from sun light. If you are storing it in a bag or similar, make sure that it is completely dry before storing it.

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