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Here are some selected videos that I've put up on Youtube. Most of the videos are taken using a Panasonic Lumx FT2, which is waterproof. Some videos that I have on Youtube are also taken with a GoPro Hero camera, but I'm not such a huge fan of these, as they have fixed focusing, and the image quality isn't that good. You can find me on youtube here.

Myndir úr fjøruni (images from the fjord) was a larger than usual video project. This is a collage of several snorkling trips to Kaldbaksbotnur.

Time Lapse Tórshavn 2010. A small collection of time lapse sequences taken around in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. A time lapse movie from some locations in Tórshavn. The first clip has been speed up by a factor of 375, but the rest are speed up by a factor 50. The triggering mechanism was built using an optocoupler and an ATTiny18.

Shoal of Saithe recorded in Nólsoyarfjørð in the Faroe Islands. In the beginning we can also see some mackrel.

A short trip to the caves close to Glyvursnes, which is to the southeast of Tórshavn (the capital of the Faroe Islands).